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Shimmery People [Jun. 26th, 2008|08:43 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

Beth Wodzinski Beth Wodzinski, Editor-in-Chief</p>

Beth Wodzinski’s fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, and Fictitious Force recently. She tests software for a living and admits to a fondness for reality TV.

E. Catherine Tobler E. Catherine Tobler, Editor

E. Catherine Tobler climbed mountains in her youth, in a bright yellow coat, with shoes that were red, yellow, and blue, and made her feel like a clown. She endured. Writing, she decided, is not that much different. She is a member of Codex Writers’ Group.

Catherine Knutsson Catherine Knutsson, Associate Editor

Catherine Knutsson is a graduate of the University of Victoria (Art History) and the Royal Conservatory of Music. She divides her time between teaching singing, writing, and hiking on Vancouver Island. Her writing has been featured in DKA, Quantum Muse, and Forgotten Worlds.

Mary Robinette Kowal Mary Robinette Kowal, Art Director

Mary Robinette Kowal is a professional puppeteer who moonlights as a writer. Since 1989, she has performed for LazyTown (CBS), the Center for Puppetry Arts, Jim Henson Pictures and founded Other Hand Productions. Her design work has garnered two UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence, the highest award an American puppeteer can achieve. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kowal has published stories in All-Star Stories: Presents Twenty Epics, Strange Horizons and Apex Digest.

Cheryl Walton Cheryl Walton, Copy Editor
Cheryl is a marketing and technical writer by trade; she occasionally writes fiction to amuse herself, owns a pair of leather jeans and two poodles, and claims she’ll work for margaritas.
Sunil Sunil Sebastian, Layout and Editorial Assistant

Sunil is a technology consultant who can’t really explain his job but assures you that he’s really good at it. He writes fiction with the hope of one day being successful enough that people will call him “eccentric” instead of “crazy.”

Lisa Mantchev Lisa Mantchev, Associate Editor Emeritus
Lisa Mantchev casts her spells from an ancient tree in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has also appeared at Strange Horizons, Futurismic.com,
and in the SFWA anthology New Voices in Science Fiction. She has stories slated to appear in Weird Tales, Fantasy, Electric Velocipede and in Spicy Slipstream Stories.

You can Taste the Bad Candy at her website.

David Edwards David Edwards, Associate Editor Emeritus

David Edwards is described by friends as eccentric, moody and in need of a shave. He loves stories that drop a pinch of magic into the ordinary and make it extraordinary. He joined Shimmer because he was promised daily Perrier and bon-bons, and because that’s where such stories are found in abundance. He is a member of Codex Writers’ Group.

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About Us [Jun. 26th, 2008|08:37 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

Shimmer publishes short fiction several times a year, in both print and electronic versions. Shimmery stories are most often contemporary fantasy, frequently dark or darkly funny, and always gorgeous.

Who are we? Check out the Shimmery People page for information about the staff.

Contact Information

Questions and Comments

Send an e-mail to: info@shimmerzine.com


Send an e-mail to: submissions@shimmerzine.com

Mailing Address

PO Box 58591
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0591

PayPal Address


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Art Guidelines [Jun. 26th, 2008|08:06 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

Art Guidelines

What to send us: We’re looking for art that complements the stories we publish: speculative, original and compelling. For each issue, we’re looking for one color piece for our cover, and a few black and white or grayscale illustrations for the interior. We want art that tells a story and that pushes the boundaries of illustration in the same way speculative fiction pushes boundaries.

A few things to note that will improve your chances:

  • Know where the light source is coming from in your piece.
  • Please use a model or photo reference if you are trying for realism.
  • It is not enough to have a well-rendered figure; figures must be part of a strong composition.

Payment and Rights: Interior illustrations, $15.00; Cover, $30.00; Reprints, $10.00. All contributors receive a copy of the issue in which your illustration appears. We purchase First Serial rights and electronic rights. 120 days after purchase, most rights return to the author, but we retain the right to continue selling back issues of the magazine, the right to archive your art, and anthology rights.

Formatting: Acceptable formats are PC compatible .tif, .jpg, .gif, .pdf. 72 dpi with dimensions no greater than 400 wide x 600 tall. If your art is accepted, the editors will ask for a file with 200 dpi resolution.

How to Submit: Submit art via e-mail to submissions@shimmerzine.com Make sure the subject line begins with Art Submission. Please submit only one piece at a time. For portfolio review, please query or provide a link to an online portfolio.

Other: Please indicate in your query if you are interested in creating illustrations for a story or are only offering existing work for use.

Also, while I love photography, I rarely purchase it.

Questions: Still have questions? Send an e-mail to our Art Director, Mary-Robinette Kowal: mary@shimmerzine.com

To give you an idea of my taste; here are some artists whose work I love and use. You must be as good as or better than these very talented people for me to covet your work for Shimmer.

Carrie Ann Baade
Sandro Castelli
Chrissy Ellsworth
David Ho
Aunia Kahn
James Owen
John Picaccio

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What We Want [Jun. 26th, 2008|07:33 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

What We Want

The best way to understand what kind of stories we’re looking for is to read an issue of our magazine. But here’s some more information that may be useful.

Shimmer is a speculative fiction magazine. This means that your story should have a speculative element at its heart. We have been known to accept non-speculative stories - but realize the odds are stacked against you.

We’re most drawn to contemporary fantasy. We’re less likely to be interested in sword and sorcery, hard SF, space opera, slasher horror, and other genre standbys. We like unusual stories that take us to places we have never been - but that we instantly recognize when we read your story. Send us your odd unclassifiable stories. However, we prefer conventional storytelling mechanics: we are unlikely to acquire experimental fiction. We’re also unlikely to acquire vampire stories, ironic stories about how Hell is just like a mortal bureaucracy, Adam and Eve stories, and other familiar genre tropes.

We like stories with a fluid and distinctive voice, with specific and original images. Write with strong active language; avoid passive voice. Eliminate extraneous words; everything counts.

We’d rather read a dark story than a heartwarming one, yet we’re not interested in stories written simply for shock value. Our stories usually have a strong and tragic emotional core.

We want to see well-developed characters who struggle to attain their goals. Don’t let your characters simply react to circumstance. We want to see a complete plot, where the issues of the opening are resolved by the end. Slice of life stories, vignettes, and stories that rely heavily on flashbacks are rarely successful with us. Tell your story in a way that creates a sense of immediacy.

We admire the economies of well-done flash stories; but you still need to have a complete plot. It’s harder than it looks.

We really don’t want trick endings. If your story ends with “it was all a dream!” or the revelation that the narrator is insane, or actually a kitten, or if it’s a trick story that relies on withholding information from the reader, we will reject it.

Take the time to proofread your work. Eliminate errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It’s a good idea to get someone else to read your story before you send it to us to help you find problems you might have missed.

We all have our issues.

No matter what, do not use “alright.” It’s “all right.” Two words. We’re aware that “alright” is gaining currency and has its advocates; that’s why we’re letting you know our position up front. Beth, our editor-in-chief, stops reading instantly when she sees “alright.”

You have been warned.

Many fine books offer excellent advice about writing. These are some of our favorites:

Self-editing for Fiction Writers, by Renni King and Dave Brown
Character and Viewpoint, by Orson Scott Card
On Writing, by Stephen King

Most writers benefit tremendously from critique groups. We have all benefited from the writing forums on Hatrack. We enjoy the flash challenges at the Liberty Hall Writer’s Workshop. There are dozens of online and local workshops; find one that works for you.

But the most important thing you can do to improve your writing is to keep writing.

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Guidelines [Jun. 26th, 2008|06:53 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

Submission Guidelines

What to send us: Unusual and beautifully-written speculative fiction stories with full plots and strong characters. The best way to understand what we are looking for is to read an issue of the magazine. We also recommend reading our What We Want page [ADD LINK] for more information. We do not accept poetry or reprints (including stories you’ve published on your blog or other internet sites).

Length: We like our fiction short - under 5000 words. If your story is longer than 5000 words (and yes, 5100 words is longer than 5000 words) but you believe we would love it, please send us a query briefly describing the story, and send us the first page of the story. If we like what we see, we’ll ask to read the rest. (Bear in mind that we are extraordinarily unlikely to publish a story over 7,500 words. We just don’t have the space.)

Payment and Rights: We pay 1 cent per word, minimum $10. You’ll also receive two copies of the issue in which your story appears. Additional contributor copies available at the subscription rate. We purchase First Serial rights and electronic rights. 120 days after publication, most rights revert to the author, but we retain the right to continue selling back issues of the magazine, the right to archive your story, and non-exclusive anthology rights.

How to submit: Send your manuscript as an attachment (.doc or .rtf) in standard manuscript format to submissions@shimmerzine.com. Make sure the subject line begins with Submission and has the title of your story. Example: “Submission: Attack of the Evil Robot Monkeys.”

Response Time: We are usually able to reply to submissions within three weeks. If it has been longer than one month, feel free to query us at the submission e-mail. We comment on most submissions.

Simultaneous submissions: We do accept simultaneous submissions, but you must tell us this when you submit your story. If we accept your piece, please withdraw it immediately from other markets; if it’s accepted somewhere else, please let us know immediately. We do not accept multiple submissions: one story at a time, please.

Other: We occasionally run non-fiction, audio pieces, cartoons, and other miscellanea; if you have something other than fiction that you think might tempt us, please query to the submissions e-mail.

Art: Read our art guidelines for more information. [ADD LINK]

Questions: Still have questions? Send an e-mail to: info@shimmerzine.com

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The Art Issue [Jun. 26th, 2008|05:41 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

art08 Now Available!
For this issue, the art comes first. We selected art, and then invited some Shimmery favorites to write stories inspired by the images. Our cover image is Penny’s Grave, by award-winning artist John Picacio; we used it as the trigger for a contest at the Liberty Hall Writer’s Workshop. The winning story is Penny Wise, by Kurt Kirchmeier.

Sandro Castelli’s Cherub inspired Michael Livingston’s A Very Young Boy With Largely Clipped Wings.

Conceptions of the Mind, by Fatima Azimova, was the trigger for Aliette de Bodard’s Within the City of the Swan.

Chrissy Ellsworth’s My Career as a Fashion Designer inspired Dresses, Three, by Angela Slatter.

And Carrie Ann Baade’s Untitled (Hawk headed infant with frogs) gave us Flying and Falling, by Kuzhali Manickavel.

These art-inspired stories are joined by new stories from Daniel Rabuzzi and Josh Vogt.

View the full table of contents, or order your copy today!

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Test Post [Jun. 26th, 2008|04:21 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

Just a lot of dust here.

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Recent Aquisitions [Jun. 3rd, 2008|10:48 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

Shimmer is pleased to announce the following acceptances:

Counting Down to the End of the Universe, by Sara Genge
Firefly Igloo, by Caroline Yoachim
Blue Joe, by Stephanie Burgis
The Bride Price, by Richard S. Crawford

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Excuse our dust! [Apr. 29th, 2008|03:34 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

We’re working on some changes to the site; everything should be back in order shortly.

To help ease the difficulty of navigation, here are some links:

The Art Issue
The Subscription Page

Thanks for your patience!


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Art Issue Review [Mar. 24th, 2008|08:51 pm]
Shimmer Magazine


Originally published at Shimmer. You can comment here or there.

The Fix Reviewed Shimmer’s Art Issue.
” …this is a solid example of good fantastical short fiction, and an issue of Shimmer well worth acquiring.”

Be sure to check out the rest of the review, which covers the strengths and weaknesses of every story in the issue.

And click here to purchase the Art Issue.


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